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Late On A Monday Morning


The morning rush – hour is undoubtedly the worst part of my day. It is actually worse than waking up still feeling tired. I mean of all the places that you want to be at 820 on a Monday morning, the platform of a tube station waiting to be packed in like a sardine, is not anywhere near my ideal. The worst part is watching the digital clock slowly reaching to the point whereby you are no longer waiting for a train to the point where you are praying for a train to come quickly.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Who Are Yer?

I don’t know how many readers will relate to this but I grew up as a sly brown guy absorbed into an all-white world and the only black people I knew were Andi Peters and John Barnes (that most prolific of football players), the only exposure I had to my forefathers’ world was the odd trip to Bangladesh and the regular rantings and ravings of my mother in her mother tongue.

Cultural Identity Crisis

My blog is on the subject of confused cultural identities and the struggles some face in their attempts of trying to find a balance in this multicultural, multi-dimensional lifestyle that we lead today.

By Sima Rahman | 08 November 2010 | Blog


Unless you’ve chosen to be on a very remote island it would be difficult to elude the global credit crunch and bailout fiasco which has dominated the media. This is not the place to provide the financial theory behind this all but more to articulate some fleeting thoughts on surrounding issues.

Why I joined RestlessBeings?

I’ll start of with a quick “about me” I love collecting stamps – the travelling kind! Who wouldn’t be proud to show of a well travelled passport with all the wonderful stories that come with it?! I also adore children (not the bratty kind!) and god willing plan to have my own one day until then I have my adorable nephews and nieces to keep me occupied. Some day I’ll be a story teller and tell them of my travels but for now let me tell you my story.

I Am An Export

I am an export,
I have been exported by a nation which is over spilling with beings wanting to reach out
An import into a nation which once needed me to recover its economic stance
But now rejects me for being aloof to its cultural demands.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Sweet Nothings

A lot has happened, the weather is menopausal, Ken and Borris are in the heat of lovers tiffs and scientists must still be spending another billion on a ‘new’ brand spanking way to immortality. I on the other hand have returned from a stress loaded time zone of preparing for the launching, attending a gazzilion events to network for restlessbeings (as any self proclaimed eager, overwhelmingly overwhelming tree hugging humanitarian would), trying to be a dutiful daughter to my mum who is fed of rarely seeing me and also squeezing in the odd bit of gardening (a trajectory of therapy for me).

By Rahima Begum | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Weekly Update

We held a board meeting a week ago to decide upon how we plan to launch officially and how we plan to go about raising awareness and funds for project 1.

By Rahima Begum | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Whats Going On???!!

Ok so where to start.... so much has happened over the past 8 weeks or so. We had our first meeting which was open to all at the Idea Store in Whitechapel and it went really well. We discussed the ideas of the first event and also of project 1, Dhaka street children.

By Mabrur Ahmed | 08 November 2010 | Blog

Organic Chickens on a Free Range planet

Apologies, I have been very busy with work and have not had the chance to blog away. I was wondering if everyone has noticed the sudden (once again) emergence of food and health related programmes on terrestrial television? Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver alongside a handful of other chefs seem to have gone on this passionate journey of the great organic and free range (Food Fight, Channel 4) and others are discovering ways in which we can lose weight or change our life by starting at the gut… its all quite timely considering the creeping obesity epidemic in the UK.

By Rahima Begum | 08 November 2010 | Blog