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Diary of an Intern: Nusrat Ahmed. Princeton. New Jersey. The Eid Craze.


“Isn’t it sad? How all these people can’t even expect to see a change when they really need it? Like, whatever situation they are in now, it’s like they’re in it forever,” I said to my mom as we were riding in a rickshaw. 
“We don’t go to sleep with big dreams for literally a different tomorrow either,” she scoffed at my naivety. 
“Yes, but at least you have the hope that one day things will probably change, since you’re working towards it, for it to actually happen in the future. These kids, these kids, don’t even have education. Every day is the same to them,” I argued back. And she fell silent.

Make your mind up Bibi?


Just a little under a month ago, it seemed quite clear that the root cause of the more recent conflict between Israel and Gaza lay ultimately with the kidnapping and subsequent killings of three Israeli teens, after which President Netanyahu did not hold back in pointing the finger. Infact, both Netanyahu and his official spokesperson Mark Regev made official statements in which they very confidently claimed Hamas was responsible for these crimes, and that there was ‘absolutely no doubt' about it.

The Omo River Tribes: The HydroElectric Dam Leaving the People of Ethiopia in the Dark


With growing scepticism of foreign involvement in domestic affairs, many developing states are beginning to implement policies limiting international presence; from international aid and NGOs to Corporate Investment. However, in the immensely interdependent world, especially due to the state many countries have been left in from colonial exploitation and its lingering influence, this is a luxury that certain leaders feel their people cannot afford. 

Diary of an Intern: Nusrat Ahmed. Princeton. New Jersey - The Art Workshop Day


I think art is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression and rediscovery. Whether it’s painting or coloring, the colors that are chosen, the designs that are made, and the lines that are formed, they all tell a story. 
During my second field visit, I brought with me drawing pads, oil pastels, and paints for each of the children. The children all sat next to each other but it was quickly apparent that there was a rift between two of the women. 

Diary of an Intern: Nusrat Ahmed. Princeton. New Jersey - First Encounter


My dad grew up in Karachi, Pakistan as a street kid. He had a mother and father but had to fend for himself. This was the situation for him, his five brothers, and his sister. 
He would fool around with his friends, save up a few cents to buy some candy, which he would suck on from sunrise to sunset. 
“We took care of each other,” he would say. 

Fast fashion, at what price?


Fast fashion is a symptom of today's fast paced world where we want access to everything in an instant. The effects of the demanding modern world are being felt across the world, particularly in the developing world.

Last month marked one year since the collapse of the Rana plaza factory in Bangladesh, where over a thousand garments factory...

The new Independent Expert: Putting the human rights of older persons in the frame


The United Nations Human Rights Council in their 24th session held in October 2013 voted to establish a mandate for an ‘Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons’. A recent announcement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay indicated that plans have been progressing and that the mandate holder will soon be appointed.

Hold-up on human rights


Bangladesh, upon the MDGs, has shown improvements in a number of areas. The 2012 report states that the country has already met some of the goals including a reduced poverty gap ratio, better gender parity at primary and secondary education and under-five mortality rate reduction. 
So despite the constant political drama, the country can celebrate on the apparent direction. However what is still alarming is how a large majority of the physically and mentally impaired children remains out of the schooling system, access to safe water is still restricted especially for the very poor and mostly, the state/number of the homeless youth.