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Drones: The Skies Killing Flies


After the last Israeli bombardment on Gaza, Obama issued a statement stating ‘There is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders’. In his hasty support for Israel he seems to have forgotten his missiles that rain down daily on the citizens of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

In comparison to Bush, Obama really represented himself as the “liberal” president; who intended to close down Guantanamo Bay and end all the malarkey of torture and the bewailing families who remained and remain adamant to see the release of their loved ones. But no, he did not close down Guantanamo. However, rather than continuing Bush’s plan of indefinite imprisonment for terrorists, he did devise a new plan to sort out those pesky terrorists. Now, instead of throwing them into Guantanamo and spending money on them, feeding them, clothing them, providing ‘security’ for them; oh and paying guards to torture them he has decided to just drone bomb them: the easiest solution for the messiest of problems.  

Muslims Targeted in Meikhtila as Thein Sein Declares State of Emergency


It is hugely evident that racial and religious discrimination against Muslims is not just a regional problem confined to Arakan. Rioting and wanton attacks have now been reported to have swept the city of Meikhtila. Although the violence started from a market squabble in a jewellery shop, the concurrent attacks were focused directly towards the Muslim...

Rohingya Update: Thousands of Rohingya Students Denied Education


As another massacre is unfortunately anticipated to take place in Arakan, the Rohingya, still continue to be deprived of the most basic human rights. Previously we have reported on the boycott of Rohingya trade, the terrible living conditions of the Rohingya forced to live in the IDP camps, and the wanton attacks and killing of men, women and children- for no...

Rohingya Update: No Rule of Law, Aid Blocked, Orchestrated 3rd Wave of Violence Draws Near


Another urgent report has been sent to us by our sources in Arakan today.

Yet another five houses have been burnt down in Maungdaw, as recently as the early hours of this morning. Despite the urgency of safeguarding the people Arakan and the dire lack of rule of law in the land, no action is taken against the perpetrators of crimes against the Rohingya.

Rohingya Update: Arson Attacks, Extortion & Threat of Third Massacre


Despite the media spotlight waning, the suffering in Arakan continues. Our source in the region once again details the living nightmare they endure everyday, and in particular the way in which law enforcers are deliberately reluctant to act upon a crime inflicted on the Rohingya, and choose not to convict the Rakhine.

Restless Beings works with YOU*th Inspire Enlighten Change 2013!


Restless Beings teamed up with YOU*th Inspire for a day of inspiration and engagement. YOU*th Inspire is an educational initiative seeking to nurture a voice of change amongst the younger generation. The movement seeks to inspire young people to creatively engage with a broad spectrum of diverse issues, including the rule of law, human rights and current affairs.

Ala Kachuu: The Impact of Awareness. A Man’s Response, A Woman Saved.


The year of 2012, was the year the apocalypse was predicted  to make a guest appearance and for the world to meet total obliteration. It certainly has proven to be a busy year at Restless Beings’ HQ. The sudden escalation in Burma’s sectarian violence demanded Restless Beings to push political boundaries and seek the attention this community deserves. Alongside our Rohingya activity, our co projects have not been neglected in anyway. The partnership with Sezim, rehabilitation and refugee centre in Kyrgyzstan was also very busy, ending 2012 with a vigorous 16 days campaign in November and December to raise awareness on gender violence.

Rohingya Plea for Salvation


An urgent plea from the Rohingya has been sent to Restless Beings in hope of salvation in their genocide stained homeland.

In the village of Op Daung, South Maungdaw it has been reported to us that an officer of the NaSaKa tortured and killed a Rohingya male for no other reason but that he could.

The same wanton killing also occurred in the Moung No village. As two Rohingya fishermen were...

Rohingya Update: A new apartheid and fears of a wipeout.


We have learnt that the authorities in Arakan have trained Rakhine locals and other Buddhist settlers to kill the Rohingya at first sight, branded under an operation of ‘security’ and ‘self defense’. The Rakhine locals scour the river and mountain areas and spare no life. This week (26th February) the report of two Rohingya men killed in Maungdaw South by local Rakhine from the Natala Village being rapidly circulated online. The Rohingya men were killed whilst fishing in the mountains and collecting firewood in the forest.

Uncovering SGBV: It’s Tangible, Stupid!


News coverage on Somalia has a tendency of shifting to and fro a secluded variety of peripheries, ranging from Islamist insurgency and piracy to, devastating droughts and impunity. The fundamental core, more or less, has become intangible injustice. The generic media portrayal has created a somewhat abstract realm where injustices have become inherent and unalterable in Somalia. In other words, as expressed by a couple standing in line at a local coffee shop in Pimlico, “that’s just how it is down there”.

I find myself writing something along the lines of “do not be alarmed by their remark” and “this is a natural consequence of...” and so on. Classic semi-clichés that assure the balance of our moral compass; a comforting cliché orgy if you choose to get graphic.