The Changing tide of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence laws in Somalia


Somalia is one of the leading countries in human rights violations and has one of the highest rates of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the world.  SGBV involves a wide range of human rights violations including rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment.

Uncovering SGBV: Clarification


This is supposed to be a piece on systematic sexual violence against an unlawfully marginalised group. A short piece cementing the establishment of Restless Beings’ commitment to peoples’ physical, mental and emotional integrity, regardless of the amount of media or public attention these people receive.

The reaction to “Uncovering SGBV: It’s...

By Hassan Hirsi | 07 April 2013

Uncovering SGBV: It’s Tangible, Stupid!


News coverage on Somalia has a tendency of shifting to and fro a secluded variety of peripheries, ranging from Islamist insurgency and piracy to, devastating droughts and impunity. The fundamental core, more or less, has become intangible injustice. The generic media portrayal has created a somewhat abstract realm where injustices have become inherent and unalterable in Somalia. In other words, as expressed by a couple standing in line at a local coffee shop in Pimlico, “that’s just how it is down there”.

I find myself writing something along the lines of “do not be alarmed by their remark” and “this is a natural consequence of...” and so on. Classic semi-clichés that assure the balance of our moral compass; a comforting cliché orgy if you choose to get graphic.


By Hassan Hirsi | 27 February 2013